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Serve with excellence the demand of the market in the development and offer of products and services that contribute in improving the quality of life of the people and generating gains in a sustainable way.

To be a sustainable company of world reference in the segment of authenticity seals, always applying the most innovative technologies to combat the falsification of products.

  • Ethics and transparency;

  • Teamwork and professional training;

  • Commitment and quality;

  • Sustainability.




Hello, we are ECOTAG, the largest seal industry in Latin America. We were born in 2014 in order to raise the flag against counterfeiting and fraud in all types of products.


Our main concern has always been to combat fraudulent agents, whether through improper reproduction of products or through exchanges.

We are Brazilians of body and soul, we have in our essence the soul and joy of being from here!

We have an industrial park that is able to supply our product chain from start to finish.


With cutting-edge technology in the area of ​​sealing, we have a state-of-the-art machining center, ECOTAG operates with the most innovative in the market. In this way, we managed to have the shortest delivery time in the market, with a maximum delivery of 30 days.

Our human potential is one of the assets we value most. We grow through it, our biggest stars, from representatives to internal employees, are all extremely capable of delivering what's best in the fraud and counterfeiting business.

We could not leave aside the ecosystem and sustainability. About 75% of the entire production process is made from recycled materials, helping to build a better planet for future generations.

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